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Snapshots of an exhibition : Andreas Psarakos _bicycles tell stories

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

A beloved friend... An exquisite partner... An artwork . A bicycle...

The bicycle has a leading role to the solo exhibition of Andreas Psarakos to the newly designed art space CITY OF ARTS that was held in Galatsi with the purpose of renovate and re-use of one of many Olympic space holds.

The exhibition presents 80 artworks (acrylics, mixed media, as well as drawings with pencil and canson ink, sculptures with wire, plaster and papier mache technique) that the artist has produced the last  30 years.

The visitor will make, through the exhibition, a journey into time, will recognize into the artworks of the artist the bicycle of his childhood and tennage times, detailed or colored  to travel beyond dreams, other times alone,  to the village to the fields to the streets while it is engraved inside it ; times and memories of escape and getaways...

For the work of the artist the art historian of Cultural Thoery Athena Schina claims:

{For Andreas Psarakos, there are no limits of the art creation. With his practised and detailed look and his free drawing he redevelops certain elements from his everyday life, transforming the suggestive into landscapes. {...}

The direct that derives from his ability to coprehend and to remake artistically it is a main characteristic of his works ; his sketches are focused to the essential points and elements of the objects or the situations of everyday life; an everyday life where Andreas draws upon Inspiration and builts up a world full of opposites and balances between colors and intesities.

The exhibition will be open to the public until first days of March (10.03.2020)

To the artshop of the gallery will find gifts and small artworks of the artist all year along.

CT of Arts :  Leof. Veikou 137, Galatsi 111 46

Hours : Call to 211 7701700

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