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Lucky-approved gifts for the New Years'

Lucky, arty and not only finds for gifting all year around..

The new year has came so the new decade..

And because on this site we love gifts all year and only during the period of Christmas and other holidays ~for those we have special occasions and treats~ we have prepared some gift suggestions for all the days of the year...

Whenever you choose to make your buys online this year of with a walk into the stores, in both cases the same useful giudances are "on" for a responsible consumption:

  • We buy an object that creates an emotional bond.

  • We buy products that last.

  • We buy products -objects that derive from edible or renewed sources that their composition allows the multiple usage or at the worse case scenario, the recycle.

1. Let's start with a diary-notebook..

What is better than a diary-notebook for 2020 to record our targets and new resolutions?

To the eshop of Benaki Museum we can find the diary that was designed especially for the exhibition "Christian Zervos & Cahiers d'Art". With photographs of Emil Seraf it represents a detail from a cycladic idol of the First Cycladic II Era from the series of photographs for the book of Christian Zervos, "L'Art en Grèce des temps préhistoriques au début du XVIIIe siècle" (1934).

2. Τ-shirts

Like this marinier striped tshirt from Jean Paul Gaultier... The french designer who ended his over 50 years carier has chosen the Benaki museum to present his creations with reference to Greece and to its culture to a charity event with purpose to raise caquse for the economic fund of the institution. Due to this event he especially designed this collective tshirt which brings his signature exclusively for the Benaki Museum shop. Its is produced in Greece and it is made by 100% organic cotton.

3. Candles and Home scents

To the gallery of el.marnieri will find aromatic fragant scents and sticks and candles of the company GEODESIS. Τhe knowledge know-how of this brand is is od greatest appreciation in the candles industry and it is considered to be a top authenticity among the scents' companies.

With perfumes like the fig-trees of Greek islands, the tiare flower from Indonesia, black tea from China and yasmine from India ~the el.marnieri gallery wishes you a magical journey to the world of dreams and emotions...

4. Hand made bags and crafts by Venia Mitropanou

After her studies in marketing and advertising, she worked in the advertising and recording industries. At the same time, she attended seminars of puppet-making, painting and jewellery-making. She loves old things, pearls, semi-precious stones, glass, lace, fabric and ribbons and uses them to make accessories. She combines old material with modern techniques, and she creates necklaces and clutch bags.

To her shop-art atellier to Lembessi street in Acropolis you will find hand-made bags, necklaces, lucky charms and other accesories.

5. Charms -swirls by En Artists

What is better than a swirl? Our childhood memory is coming alive again with the handmade and hand-painted swirls by En Artists. You find them at Theoxarakis artshop to Ianos bookshop and of course by them to their art studio in Theva.

6. Lucky charms for 2020 from the collection of Benaki Museum(eshop benaki museum)

To the site of Benaki museum to the eshop portal you will explore a series of proposals for charms and gifts for 2020. From a selection that varies from long necklaces to sous-verre & micro-scuptures and art objects for home decoration..

#moreLuck #moreWishes #moreBenaki

7. Illuminants by Stella Zaloni

The classic patern of vitreux glass *other word for stained glass, meets design through the detailed technique of Stella Zaloni, where she recreates decorative objects of highly aesthetics. Obejcts -artworks of larger dimensions, like illuminants table lamps or ceiling lamps, mirrors, clocks and lighting chess tables that play with light making light shadows and colors, give an art expression and character in your office or personal space .

You can create yourself an design of your own offering to a loved one , a unique handmade present..


Benaki museum shop:Kriezotou 3

El marnieri gallery: Lempesi 5

Venia Mitropanou:Lebessi 9 & Porinou, 117 42,

Stella Zaloni: Phone: 2283 400590

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